Everything Is As It Should Be!

If we can accept that whatever is going on in our lives right now is how it’s meant to be, I think it makes life easier. If we’re caregivers and that’s our main job, there’s a reason for that. If we’re caregivers and raising a family, working outside the home, running a business, or whatever, then that’s our journey right now.  Until it’s not.

When I was working as a financial advisor, managing the care of my friend who had Alzheimer’s Disease and beginning the long battle with my husbands congestive heart failure, if I had stopped to think about how overwhelming that could be, I might have become just that, overwhelmed.  It was only when people pointed it out to me that I thought about how difficult it looked.  I was too busy to waste time thinking about how busy I was. I just moved, physically, from one task to the next, as needed.  I made choices along the way that would keep things in control. Eventually, when it got really tough, I made the decision to sell my practice and retire early, even though I knew I wasn’t ready to do that under other circumstances. We have to weigh our options, whatever they are and keep ourselves in balance.  I’ve never regretted my choice because new opportunities presented themselves when the time was right. They always do when you’re open to receiving them.

Maybe the great design of humanity is to hand us what we need to grow into the best human being we can be, so we can evolve. Wouldn’t it be a waste to be here, in this life, and leave, no more enlightened than when we arrived? Maybe it’s our challenge in each situation to pass the test.  You can’t help but grow when you walk through the fire and get to the other side still whole.  And that should be the goal, to stay whole.

We have free will everyday of our lives.  If we can accept our challenge as the place we should be just now, because it’s good for us and going to bring us to a better place, as a stronger person, with more knowledge, more experience, more integrity and compassion, we will stay whole.

There’s a calmness about accepting where you are at the moment. A confidence that opens our minds and brings us energy to receive all we need in order to function at our best, no matter what we’re doing at the moment.  It’s that calmness and confidence that takes us through the roughest of times.

Be grateful.  You’re right where you should be to accomplish the most important events of your life.

Everything is as it should be!

Until soon, I wish you love and confidence.

Happy Holidays!!


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