Before We Get Too Serious…

The New Year is going to bring with it all kinds of promises and resolutions, as it should.  But, before we start getting serious about life again, assuming you’ve taken a break like I have for the last few days, can we take some time to remember what it was like to be very young?  Can you think back to what your day was like as a child or young adult; to days when things were less complicated and you cared for just yourself?  I’m looking for a time of innocence, when we didn’t know how much our parents had to do for everyone else, sacrificing themselves in the process.

We were supposed to be self-centered back then, as our children and grandchildren are now.  We were building a foundation that would work itself into patterns of our adult lives serving us later as skills would be needed.  If you’re a man, did you play marbles or with toy soldiers?  Did you play cowboys and indians with friends, or softball?  Or, were computers and electronics the rage, along with more sophisticated sports activities?  In my youth our roles were quite defined, girls would play house, with baby dolls, and pretend to cook like our mothers.  I would sew clothes for my dolls.  I enjoyed cooking as a young woman and sewing became a hobby for many years into my adulthood, until I lost interest and moved onto creating a business and found a husband who loved to cook.

On this day after Christmas, 2013, it’s the peace and innocence that I’m appreciating as I recall the calmness of my days when I had only to decide what scrap of fabric would work best to make an evening gown for my lady doll.  I want to carry that calmness into the rest of my day today.  I want to take that peace and patience with me as I focus on creating bigger things in the new year.  After all, it’s just a bigger game.

As Caregivers we need, more than most, to take time to reflect on anything that helps us feel calm and at peace.  Patience with the task at hand can go a long way toward reminding us that whatever we’re doing at the moment is exactly what we’re supposed to be doing.  We’re building more foundation for what the future holds.  Our future will be much brighter if we’re at peace when we arrive.

Until soon, I wish you love, calm and peace.

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