“Beauty Sufficiently Charged”

Caregivers go through tremendous upheavals in their personal lives, especially after years of not thinking of themselves enough. We could all spend more time getting to know ourselves and getting to know what we believe is important about life and our place in it. My hope is that my writing will inspire you to feel solid and good about taking care of yourself first. About searching for what has meaning to you and brings you peace. Your peace and contentment will be your new best gift to others.

The famous philosopher and author of the classic book “A Sense of Beauty“, George Santayana, is quoted often for his insight into human nature. He said, “Is it indeed from the experience of beauty and happiness, from the occasional harmony between our nature and our environment, that we draw our conception of the Devine life.”

To recognize the absence of beauty in my life was a great surprise to me. I thought I had a good life. I was surrounded by the obvious beauty of family, friends and the home I had created. But, after my husband passed away in 2010, my unrest caused me to pull away from my roots, my comfort zone. I was forced, by that unrest (which I now consider to be a soul searching for a reason for living) to reevaluate my life and go in search of what would truly bring me peace and contentment. It’s been an eight year trek, with big highs and very deep lows. I don’t say it’s over, it will never, in this lifetime be over. There is so much to experience and learn. It’s part of the joy, to keep learning.

The trek is, however, on the incline. I’m feeling and seeing the beauty daily, in different ways than before. With a sense of wonder and awe at what I’ve been missing all my long life. At what I’m able to create with such ease. After reading hundreds of books and endless hours of studying and soul searching I’m seeing results. There’s a natural connection between everything that is and happens. The serendipity in what once looked like coincidence or luck is at all our fingertips. I recognize the thunderous karma that follows out of sync (against the laws of nature) behavior. And am benefitting from my new found sense of expecting miracles and knowing that everything I need is at hand. Some of us come to it the hard way.

To find your place in the world, on your own, with no one to take care of and no one to take care of you seems daunting to most, I suspect. I’m loving it! Living what I’ve purposely created and bucking up my courage for the next big adventure. Just me and the Great Creator.

I saw three dear on the side of the road grazing on grass as I was driving this morning. An awesome sight for a city girl. Life is good, simple and beautiful. My children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are in good places in their lives. My family is solid and friends true. I’m surrounded by lovely, generous, kind people daily. What was missing is a knowing, that everything is perfect, just the way it is. Who or what appears difficult at the moment is a gift. It’s meant, by Devine natural law, to challenge our ability to be loving, generous, kind, understanding and patient. It’s our job to create our own best lives and we can definitely do that if we approach everything from a place of love and compassion. Have faith and confidence in that Devine natural law, it never deviates.

My cell phone beeped an alert at me today. It was plugged into the charger. I looked at it and read “BEAUTY SUFFICIENTLY CHARGED.” I blinked and read it again, BATTERY SUFFICIENTLY CHARGED. I think that was a Devine message. Don’t believe it? That’s okay, patience.

I wish you love, patience and Beauty Sufficiently Charged!






If you’d like to share some thoughts or tell me your story, please send an email to me at patricia@caregivingcornerstone.com or go to the “Send a Message” section of my blog. I’ll get back to you promptly.

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Living Life on Kairos Time

Cup of coffee with view on Vesuvius mount in Naples | The Caregiving Cornerstone | Kairos

KAIROS is an Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment. The ancient Greeks had two words for time: CHRONOS and KAIROS.  The former refers to chronological or sequential time, while the latter signifies a proper or opportune time for action…per Wikipedia.

Caroline Myss, a teacher I respect, sees KAIROS time as vertical.  Vertical as Universe time, GOD’S time and CHRONOS as chronological, earth time.

This vertical, timeless, view of life has been a gift beyond measure to me so I will do my best to share what I hope you’ll find interesting and helpful.  Yesterday and tomorrow are not significant if time is vertical.  Living in vertical time means having your thoughts focused on NOW.  Nothing to the left (your past) and nothing to the right (your future) exists on a vertical timeline of NOW.  Many of us have heard about living in the NOW (read: Eckhart Tolle).  Its a way to find peace in your life that I and millions of people around the world are extremely grateful to Mr. Tolle and others for sharing with humanity.

If you learn best using visuals, as I do, the vertical concept of living NOW opens up a whole new world.  Not only can we live a peaceful life through acceptance and surrender as Eckhart Tolle teaches, but by releasing our past and truly not worrying about our future, we open space in our thinking for the intelligence of the laws of nature to come through. We unblock the opening through which inspiration and inner guidance comes. There’s room for new ideas when you let go of old issues and do not fear your future.  Room for solutions to situations to occur to you.  Room to breathe and dream and be inspired by your own genius.  You know how when you’re trying hard to think of something and you let go of it and move on, it suddenly pops into your head?  It’s like that. You made space for your thought to materialize. It’s just a law of nature.

The old saying CARPE DIEM (Seize the Day) suggests that opportunity is always available to us. When you’re thinking vertically,  serendipity has the opportunity to play in your life and miracles that come out of nowhere start to feel natural. People come into our lives that we never imagined would be there to help us with our needs. You don’t even recognize it at first.  It’s often after the fact that we say, aha!  That was the Universe at play.  Nature taking its course.  The hand of God.

All events show up at the perfect time in KAIROS time. Even the difficulties and challenges become obviously for our own good.  Its the challenge you must learn from as your humanity grows.  Sometimes that takes awhile.  Caregiving can be a great challenge.  Love and understanding help give us patience. Practice letting go of the past and not thinking about the future.  Focus on NOW, putting one foot in front of the other as honestly and truthfully and lovingly as you know how.  Serendipity will play, miracles will happen. Be more patient than Job. You’ll be rewarded.  You can’t outsmart nature. You only slow it down. It’s like being able to start over, only being smarter this time around.

I wish you the perfection of a KAIROS time life!



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“Chef, From Your Kitchen, Create!”

It’s so inspiring when the Universe drops another pearl at my feet.  I get to share it with all of you. Maybe I should keep the source of my inspiration to myself and just pretend I come up with such wisdom on my own, from my intellect. But that wouldn’t be any fun. Pearls of wisdom are treasure. The fun is in sharing and enjoying, what I believe, is Universal wisdom.

This pearl, “CHEF, FROM YOUR KITCHEN, CREATE!”, came to me in a flash (a thought in my head) as I was contemplating the consequences of words I use when I say, “I am…” and, alternately, when I say, “I am not…”.

At the moment I received the words I thought of cooking, of course.  But, you can replace the words CHEF and KITCHEN with anything that you relate to.  “ARTIST, FROM YOUR EASEL, CREATE!” “SINGER, FROM YOUR VOICE, CREATE!”  “WELDER, FROM YOUR TORCH, CREATE!” “TEACHER FROM YOUR CLASSROOM, CREATE!”  In my case; “WRITER, FROM YOUR PEN, CREATE!”

It’s a metaphor that reminds me that life is about creation. We humans feel JOY when creating because that’s when we’re in sync with the source of all creation. JOY is the wonderful feeling we experience when we’re lost in our work because our work is what we love to do.  And when we’re feeling JOY, our life’s energy, our spirit is shining brightly.  More Joy leads to better health and more physical energy. CREATE and live life well.

Finding a way to experience more JOY is the best thing a human being can do for themselves and those around them. When we’re happy with our lives it’s contagious.  The energy around us changes the energy of others. Life becomes a pleasure.  Perception of our tasks and interactions with others is changed for the good.

For most of my life I didn’t know where my JOY was.  I thought we were each born to accomplish something important. Something society thought was important. Only I never figured out what that was for me.  Actually, I think our American culture pressures us to become SOMETHING. And not just something, but something IMPORTANT.  To be SUCCESSFUL.  And the proof of success, of course, is how much money can be generated from our efforts.  But, how often do we hear of the unhappiness of those we think have everything money can buy?

Rather late in life, I learned that the thing that takes our minds to a place where time has no meaning is where our JOY is.  The place where we forget to eat, where we work effortlessly and something just flows through us so naturally that we forget about everything around us.  I’d had those experiences since I was a child.  Drawing, painting and sewing to name a few, were my constant activities when young.  When I was older, reading and writing, which are still a passion. But, I never saw those passions as having a purpose of value. I guess I was having too much fun and didn’t see how I could make those things into something that would “pay.”  My values were misplaced. I can’t help but feel that I’m not alone in this.  The value was in the JOY!

Happy is the person who can lose themselves in the JOY of their work.  I am…a writer.  I am…an artist.  I am not…going to waste any more of my time on earth letting others make decisions about my life.  Love and creativity make life worth living. Life is short…CHEF, FROM YOUR KITCHEN, CREATE!  NOW.



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With your hand on your throat (where your voice and power arise) and a response from your heart (where the truth comes from), who hears what you really want to say? Only you? Only the pit of your stomach when it goes queasy and says to your mind: “I should have said no. Why can’t I say no? Why do they take advantage of me? Isn’t my time as valuable as theirs? Why do they make me feel guilty if I say no?”

Because I speak from experience, I know what a big deal it is to have no boundaries on what you’re willing to take on for others. It’s not an unusual Caregiver trait. I’m an expert. But, I’m a recovering expert and want to share with you how I discovered how to say “no” and be okay with that. No guilt.

First, I paid attention to how others handled it when they were asked to do something for which they said no. I observed that for some it was difficult. You could see it in their face and hear it in their voice. For others it was fairly easy. I’m guessing the ones it was difficult for were just starting to get their power back. The latter had practice.

Most people that have no problem saying “no” might tell you it’s not so hard, “just say no.” But, it is at first. It’s hard because we’re used to not telling the truth. We learn this at an early age if we don’t have strong roll models. We even think it’s okay because we see it as being a nice person. It’s like a white lie. But, a lie is a lie, no matter what color the ink is. Sorry, I’m being tough here, saying “yes” when you want to say “no” is not truthful. As a former non-truthful, no boundaries practitioner, I can HONESTLY say I’m recovering. And it’s empowering!

You take baby steps, you buckle-up, armed with your weapon that is TRUTH. Once you realize you’re not the honest person you always thought you were, that will get you. Now that you’re aware there’s no going back. You’ll recognize your moment when you need your reinforcement, your HONOR. It will come out of the blue, someone will ask you something and you recognize that this is it. Do you respond with TRUTH or do you remain a liar and say yes when you want to say no? Are you willing to find your voice (it’s hidden in TRUTH) or will you go on for the rest of your life knowing that you could have been a more powerful and happier human being? You’ll slip, it’s okay, that slip will teach you how easy it’s been to be less than truthful much of your life. You’ll have another chance very soon. Don’t be hard on yourself unless you don’t start improving. It should happen quickly. It gets easier with each opportunity. The feeling of being empowered is intoxicating.

Anita Moorjani, author of “Dying to be Me”, is one of the people I admire most in this world. Her Facebook video discussion has been added to this post because she brilliantly addresses the significance of being able to say “NO” and has several suggestions for Caregivers that I hope you will find interesting and helpful in your own lives.

It’s amazing how your life just perks up when you live in truth. You’ve heard the saying, “The truth shall set you free.” You will finally understand the meaning therein. It seems like a little thing, saying NO. But it’s a huge Yes in your life when you have boundaries! It’s all you’ve ever lacked. Otherwise, you’re perfect and I love you.

BIG HUG on this one,

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Emotions Can trigger Stop Signs

stop sign

Especially as a Caregiver, we’re involved constantly in other peoples emotional states as well as our own. I’ve found that by taking charge of my own emotions, I give the upset person the space to release their frustration, but no ammunition to continue the fight. So often, what an angry/upset person seems to be saying is not conveying the real problem anyway. And they aren’t necessarily angry at the person they’re taking it out on. Sometimes they’re angry at themselves or life. It’s a waste of valuable energy to get into a struggle with an upset loved one. Saving yourself from the drain of your energy is a gift you can give to yourself.

I play tricks on myself mentally all the time. I have daily “alerts” on my phone that remind me to do things like “take a deep breath” and “Don’t make assumptions.” To keep out of arguments, when I realize trouble is brewing, I visualize a traffic STOP sign, mentally (it appears on the right side in the back of my brain). This STOP sign helps me pause long enough to decide to observe instead of react. It helps me to realize it’s them and not me. I feel sorry that they’re upset and know that the best thing I can do for them is let them get it out. If you listen calmly, you can deal with what they’ve said after they calm down, if it’s important. Otherwise, I find it best just to be understanding.

I know this might sound easier said than done. But, with practice, you’ll get good at it and use it more and more. Just see a STOP sign and take a breath. You’ll disarm the emotional person and gain their respect because they couldn’t rattle you.

Do something nice for yourself today!

Until soon, I wish you love and peace.

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