All Things to All People

Adult Daughter Visiting Senior Mother Sitting On Sofa At Home

Ok, fess up. You have a tendency to feel you need to be all things to all people. It’s the curse of the Caregiver. People see you as capable, dependable, and willing to help. So, of course, they look to you when they need answers or help. They’re not going to get rejected by you. And the truth is, you enjoy being a problem solver.

But, it takes it’s toll, doesn’t it? Today, starting now, give yourself permission to think of yourself first, more often. It takes practice. Old habits and your nurturing nature are strong opponents. I know, I’ve been struggling with this myself for many years. But, the older I get, the easier it gets to step back and let things run their course. To not volunteer to get in the middle of other peoples stuff, just because you think you can help. You can be a good listener without getting involved.

Your life and your right to live it is just as important as anyone else’s. The time you spend giving where it’s necessary should be balanced by time you make for yourself in whatever way possible. And the unnecessary time you give away is just robbing yourself and those who really need you.

So what are you going to do for yourself today?

Until soon, I wish you love and some spare time.

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