Out at Sea

The Great Creator shared these beautiful words with me recently and I want to share them with you, my treasured readers.  That endless stream of creativity, that rises in all of us naturally, loves dropping pearls of wisdom at our feet.  This time, I got it and I’m framing it!  Never to be forgotten.

The quote above came into my mind just as it is, as I awoke one morning, recently.  I recognized something powerful immediately and reached for my pen and notebook so I could get it down before I lost it.  The meaning I derive from it is the most fabulous gift and greatly appreciated.  It will be interpreted in many ways by those who read it and I hope you can apply it to your own life, for I think it’s a Universal message.  A metaphor that can be applied on a micro level to each of us personally or a macro level if looked at with eyes on our troubled and confused world.

For me, it’s confirmation.  The giver of all life knows that I’ve been adrift for a couple of years, waiting for the “Wind” that surely, even at my advanced age, will rise again to catch “Sail” just at the right time, like it always has, and move me then swiftly to another great adventure.  Another project I can sink my teeth into and enjoy the process, the people and opportunities it always brings when the “Wind” is at our backs.

I see the words, “Our sails flirt with the wind”, as a gift to remind me that really good things don’t happen overnight. Sometimes we’re not ready for our next great adventure.  We may need to overcome more challenges so we’re prepared.  To make us stronger.  It takes time for “Shyness” to morph into “Power”.  The caterpillar doesn’t know, as it struggles to spin itself a cocoon, that it is becoming a magnificent butterfly.  Or, perhaps it does, maybe in its natural simplicity it sees the great design more clearly than we complicated humans who are often preoccupied with self-doubt and disbelief.  So anxious to get to our goals.  We think we have control of our lives.

The words remind me that preceding full “Sail” there is always “Shyness” (hesidency, doubt, imbalance, and correction needed to stay on course).  The “Power” of co-creating, surely we don’t create alone, reminds me that there is pure potential in every thought, every inspiration that comes to mind.  It’s a matter of recognizing it, picking it up and loving it into fruition. 

Perhaps, like me, this time you’ve been “Out at sea” a bit longer than you expected.  It’s been worth it, I hope you agree.  Why else?  Can’t wait to get into the unknown and have another great story to share.  Would love to hear yours.  While we wait, there are small things to create everyday.  Like smiles on people’s faces who never expected to be smiled at;)


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