“Beauty Sufficiently Charged”

Caregivers go through tremendous upheavals in their personal lives, especially after years of not thinking of themselves enough. We could all spend more time getting to know ourselves and getting to know what we believe is important about life and our place in it. My hope is that my writing will inspire you to feel solid and good about taking care of yourself first. About searching for what has meaning to you and brings you peace. Your peace and contentment will be your new best gift to others.

The famous philosopher and author of the classic book “A Sense of Beauty“, George Santayana, is quoted often for his insight into human nature. He said, “Is it indeed from the experience of beauty and happiness, from the occasional harmony between our nature and our environment, that we draw our conception of the Devine life.”

To recognize the absence of beauty in my life was a great surprise to me. I thought I had a good life. I was surrounded by the obvious beauty of family, friends and the home I had created. But, after my husband passed away in 2010, my unrest caused me to pull away from my roots, my comfort zone. I was forced, by that unrest (which I now consider to be a soul searching for a reason for living) to reevaluate my life and go in search of what would truly bring me peace and contentment. It’s been an eight year trek, with big highs and very deep lows. I don’t say it’s over, it will never, in this lifetime be over. There is so much to experience and learn. It’s part of the joy, to keep learning.

The trek is, however, on the incline. I’m feeling and seeing the beauty daily, in different ways than before. With a sense of wonder and awe at what I’ve been missing all my long life. At what I’m able to create with such ease. After reading hundreds of books and endless hours of studying and soul searching I’m seeing results. There’s a natural connection between everything that is and happens. The serendipity in what once looked like coincidence or luck is at all our fingertips. I recognize the thunderous karma that follows out of sync (against the laws of nature) behavior. And am benefitting from my new found sense of expecting miracles and knowing that everything I need is at hand. Some of us come to it the hard way.

To find your place in the world, on your own, with no one to take care of and no one to take care of you seems daunting to most, I suspect. I’m loving it! Living what I’ve purposely created and bucking up my courage for the next big adventure. Just me and the Great Creator.

I saw three dear on the side of the road grazing on grass as I was driving this morning. An awesome sight for a city girl. Life is good, simple and beautiful. My children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are in good places in their lives. My family is solid and friends true. I’m surrounded by lovely, generous, kind people daily. What was missing is a knowing, that everything is perfect, just the way it is. Who or what appears difficult at the moment is a gift. It’s meant, by Devine natural law, to challenge our ability to be loving, generous, kind, understanding and patient. It’s our job to create our own best lives and we can definitely do that if we approach everything from a place of love and compassion. Have faith and confidence in that Devine natural law, it never deviates.

My cell phone beeped an alert at me today. It was plugged into the charger. I looked at it and read “BEAUTY SUFFICIENTLY CHARGED.” I blinked and read it again, BATTERY SUFFICIENTLY CHARGED. I think that was a Devine message. Don’t believe it? That’s okay, patience.

I wish you love, patience and Beauty Sufficiently Charged!






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