I Have Half An Hour and All The Time in the World


Actually, all the time in eternity.

Peace in my life came when the concept of living eternally finally sunk in, just a few years ago.  Slowly, very slowly, once it occurred to me that my life had to have more significance than I had given it for so many years, I started to feel something powerful within, my own energy.  Words are inadequate, it is a force.  It’s the energy of life and its eternal. It’s been there all along and is not to be taken for-granted.  It’s to be used to create the best we know how for ourselves and everything and everyone around us.

Sometimes creating means stepping back, observing, stepping out of our usual patterns.  When you least have time and it seems the world is against you that day, try purposely letting someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery store or in traffic.  Observe that you have just done something for someone else, but mostly for yourself. You’ve set a whole different string of events in place than might have been. You’ve shifted your mood to being relaxed, the mood of the person you were courteous to is now grateful and the events that will follow for each of you are different because you arrived at the next scene moments later than you might have and with a better attitude.  Who knows what disaster you may have found yourself in if you had remained in that hectic mode.

You can extrapolate this one seemingly insignificant choice out to something well down the road in your life, a shape shift.  Your life is completely different because of a conscious choice you made way-back-when.  Isn’t your life right now the result of all those choices you made in the past?  Were they conscious, purposeful choices that created a meaningful life for your future?  Did you create something wonderful?

Somehow, seeing my personal energy, my soul, as eternal helped me view this life with much more significance than previously.  With more patience, also.  It became important to make choices, no matter how small, that would be a sound foundation for whatever lies in my future.  Be it in this life or in eternity.

We all know that the Holiday Season can be hectic.  May I suggest that it is the perfect time to reflect, practice patience and do a little shape-shifting.  If you think you’ve got merely half an hour to do something, think again.  Is it the pressure making the choices or is it your best self choosing what is best for you and everyone around you?

Your power is tremendous. Can you feel it? It’s the root of life and we’re in it together.  What affects one affects the whole.

I wish you a peaceful and lovely Holiday Season. May you experience JOY in your heart and LOVE for your life.


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