Winter in the Ozarks

The perfect place to BE

As I write, it’s New Years Eve, the last day of 2018.  I cherish this last year, half of which I’ve spent far away from the world I’ve known for the first seven decades of my life.  It’s been like being Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz (hmm, Oz- Ozarks?), tornados and all, seeing places as if in a dream and meeting new people along the way who steal your heart just by being who they are.

Em came into the shoppe this week, a young woman who, frankly, grabbed my interest and my heart from the moment I noticed her. She is a walking statement of a generous sole who has experienced much in her young life that has prepared her for the work she does.  She coaches young people struggling for a place in society.  It appears she’s found her niche and I wish her all the best for the kind and sensitive human being she is.  Loved her red shoes.  Brava, Em!

BEING, not DOING.  BEING not doing.  My mantra that reminds me, when I’m lost in the machinations of the day, to step back mentally, observe from afar and find the beauty of the drama being played out before my eyes.  No matter where life has placed us physically, there are always interesting things going on.

When you detach from your thoughts that center around yourself and your own story, a calmness takes over. Emotion is not part of the equation.  Therefore, you’re relaxed.  Observing without judgement.

If you’re just sitting next to a loved one who is sleeping, for instance, you can envision the whole of that person’s life and the courage it takes to be a human being in this world.  It will create respect for the one you’re observing and compassion for mankind in your heart.  In fact, think of a person you know, whose life you see as the most tragic and difficult.  Think of them as courageous and beautiful soles to have taken on such a challenge.  Does your life require that much courage?

BEING, not DOING, takes us out of ourselves, out of this world of doing for brief moments.  It’s all we need to see the world in a more compassionate light; to respect another, even if we don’t understand their ways and whys.  To look into their eyes if possible, with a heart that starts at kindness.  A connection from kindness brings forth a whole other ball game.

BEING, not DOING.  BEING, not DOING.  A lovely way to start the New Year.

I wish you many moments of BEING,



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