Trees, the Caregivers of the Underground

The privilege of being alive is exciting and amazing when we observe, from a distance, what is going on in our own little Shakespearean play and all around us in nature. What we need to function well always comes to our attention when we’re ready for it. We just need to be on the lookout for what is sent our way and appreciate it by following its lead.

As I was thinking about this, I was suddenly thirsty and could only think about a nice cold glass of water. Ah ha, a metaphor for what I was about to write (and right on time!). My body must be needing hydration so it’s telling my mind I need water. The desire for the water is the force of life at work. I don’t have to tell the interconnected cells of my body how to function 24 hours a day, it knows what each needs to do in its magnificent dance of life. And when it needs participation from my awareness, it causes, through inspiration, the thought of what it needs. And so the dance goes on.

Right on time, having just read “The Overstory” by Richard Powers, a TED TALK came to my attention that might as well have been an addendum to the book. Coincidence? The woman giving the talk could have been the model for one of the characters. I share this talk with you, hoping to inspire thought as readers connect the dots in their own way, from their own perspective. From my perspective, awareness of the teeming drama of life below ground that is interwoven through the dance of the mediator, Trees (and I say that word with reverence), with all life above ground, could only lead to thoughts of love and kindness for all of Creation.

How could it have taken so long for me to become aware of the magnificent beauty of life itself? Sadly, I guess I just wasn’t ready, yet.

With love from me to you, please enjoy this video:

The Magnificence of It All



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