A Winter of Contentment


The sun is beginning to rise just now and it’s difficult to keep my eyes on the screen as I begin writing. I have deadlines… But the sunrise will never be the same again.  The beauty of that little bit of orange just above the horizon is so promising, behind the night black of the mountains in the distance outside my window.  The orange is growing and getting brighter. Gray-blue sky and clouds above it are starting to appear.  It’s 17 degrees outside.  You’d never know it by how warm with anticipation the sunrise makes me feel.  This from inside my little ashram in The Ozarks.  I wish for everyone the space to reflect and to appreciate what is right in front of us.  To be content.

Some days are gems. If you can step back and see from the perspective of eternity, life can be so humorous.  Like the man who called the Shoppe yesterday and left a message in a gruff voice.  “This is Don, my number is… I want to buy something NOW.”  I couldn’t wait to see what it was we could possibly do for this man.  Turned out, he wanted the impossible and by noon tomorrow.  We both started to laugh, he said thanks anyway and hung up.  Wish it had happened in person.  I would love to have known the face and eyes that went with the voice.

Another man came in and ordered an engraving of his wife’s sons picture on a wooden heart attached to a key chain. It was a surprise for her. Her son was going off to college in Europe and he knew she would miss him terribly. Can you imagine how wonderful a husband he must be if he is that caring and sensitive?  He stole a piece of my heart as he walked out of the shoppe.  That was the beauty of grace walking before my eyes.

It’s from the soul that we see the humor and beauty in everyday life, that we love without judgment and have compassion for those souls who are struggling to find peace in their worldly existence.  There really is no peace in the world if we take it too seriously if we take ourselves too seriously.  Only by stepping back, away from it and ourselves to a place of observation, a slowing of time almost, can we recharge our energy and keep our minds and bodies healthy.  We’ll need our energy for the Spring ahead. Spring being a metaphor for the next challenge life presents.

It’s Winter, a natural time to kick back and curl up with a good book on a cold blustery day.  Have a cup of spicy tea and dream a little.  How fortunate you are if you can do this.

No matter what your circumstances present at the moment, surrendering to it, fully, is the best way to get the most out of life. If you’re in a lovely place, enjoy it fully, your happiness will bring more good to you.  If it’s difficult, maybe the most challenging time you’ve ever been through, walk through it.  Get up every day and put one foot in front of the other, flowing with whatever is happening at the moment, whatever occurs to you to do next.  Nothing lasts forever.  When you least expect it, things suddenly change. Everything has its season.

If it’s an extremely painful time, surrender with all your heart and admit that you don’t have the answers. That you need help from the powers that are greater than yourself.  It’s that simple, though you will feel like it’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done.  It’s worth the pain. Answers will come.  They’re waiting in the wings for you to break your pattern of direction.  Let the answers breakthrough.

This Winter of contentment is fleeting, I know.  The pause before the next step in growth that life requires of me.  That’s good, bring it on!  Surrendering, knowing that I don’t need to know what’s ahead, that I will always have what I need, is preparation enough.  The challenge is to not forget that when the road gets bumpy, again.  To have no fear of what appears to be scary.  To take responsibility for everything in my life.  Accept it all with gratitude.  Another chance to grow.  Contentment comes faster when you’re in constant surrender.

“Keep your eye on the horizon!” a good friend once told me.  I’m still not sure what I’m watching for there.  But, a sunrise on the horizon is very clear.  It’s the promise of a new day.  A gift to cherish.

I wish you contentment and the gift of a Sunrise.


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