This App Lets You Ask a Doctor Any Question in Real-Time via Smartphone

Image via First Opinion
Image via First Opinion

The wonderful thing about technological advancement is that it has allowed us to know more about our personal health than ever before. With this most recent app, First Opinion provides a 24-hour service that allows the user to ask a doctor general medical questions. The service is free of charge for those who can wait to receive a response within 24 hours and cost $9 per month for 5-minute responses or $29 per month for answers within 3 minutes.

The app is, of course, not intended as a replacement for 911 or your current physician, it does allow users to ask questions about everyday signs and symptoms that may prompt the question “do I need to see a doctor”? It also allows users to ask more private questions that you may not have thought of while at the doctor such as mild allergies and rashes.

As a fairly new service that is available on the app marketplace, we would love to know your thoughts about this service and if you find it beneficial. This story was originally posted on Mashable and you may view the full article here: or, you may visit the official app website here:

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