Bold and Stretch


When does change happen? If you keep to your routine, life will remain pretty much the same. If you’re taking care of a chronically ill person, things may look different from year to year, but, daily, things don’t seem to change much. That’s where it’s hard for many caregivers. The routine can get you down. You can experience a glass half empty view of your life. It can create a downhill spiral into depression and we don’t want to go there. It’s extremely important to shake things up whenever you’re feeling down, from routine or anything else.

I am a self-proclaimed basket case when forced into routine. It’s been like that as long as I can remember. The thought of routine causes a negative physical reaction in my body. It took half my life to recognize the malady, but once aware, I started consciously devising ways to change things so routine wouldn’t feel like routine, if that makes any sense. I’m revealing this so you know that my suggestions come from a place of vast experience. I had to find solutions because the alternative was unthinkable.

If you’re feeling like things are monotonous, I suggest that you step out of your comfort zone. If you’re bold and stretch yourself a bit, you will cause a shift in momentum that will move you forward in your life. When you’re moving forward, you don’t feel depressed. You’ll feel invigorated. You become more loving and creative. Love and creativity are everything.

There’s always something that’s the prominent issue of the moment; something that’s on your mind more than other things. Think of at least three issues that have been popping into your consciousness lately. Write each on a piece of paper and study them with the intention of deciding which one you might do something about first. It can be a practical or emotional issue. Maybe you’ve postponed talking to someone about solving a problem. It can be something that you’ve been thinking of creating or been dreaming about.

It’s best if you choose something pleasant if you’re really down. You’ll know which issue to start with by how your body feels when ideas come to you. Think, how will I feel if I get that done? How will it feel to be doing something I enjoy? It’s your body telling you when you’re down, so let your body tell you how to feel up. So pick one, and without giving yourself time to back out, move physically to start action; make a phone call, decide what you need for the project by making a list, walk outside and think about your strategy or my favorite, take a shower and let the ideas come into your head as you create your new project. Then act, always act. The action, first with baby steps, will distract your conscious mind long enough to get it started in the right direction. Now, follow through to complete the task. Follow through!

Now don’t you feel better just knowing you have a solution? You’ll never have to worry about getting down for too long when you have a strategy for keeping your glass half full.

I wish you love and creativity.



P.S. You may think that you’ve read this post before and that’s because it’s one of the first to appear on my blog. As I revisit older posts, I hope that they will bring you comfort and insight.

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