To Be Free

to be free

The concept of “freedom” brings a different image to mind for each of us. The desire to be free is strongest for us when we’re feeling confined. I’m talking about individual freedom here, because, in today’s blog, my concern is for Caregivers who may be feeling that they’re stuck in place. If you can’t go about progressing toward your desired life, you don’t feel free. You feel trapped. Your spirit can get bogged down and your heart heavy; you may be depressed, even while you’re doing something good for another and doing it out of love. You may feel that it’s impossible to change things right now. What if that’s not true? What if you could change things and feel more free?

I believe feeling trapped can be looked at as a state of mind. That there is a way to look at your current situation from a different perspective. It takes a very strong mind to convince yourself that things aren’t the way they seem. But, you could view your current life from another angle. Rise above it, mentally, for a new look.

Haven’t we established that caregivers are smart people; that they take on the world because others are depending on them and they can? I hope I’ve conveyed that idea through other postings. Caregivers are living out their life’s journey with an opportunity to do what’s needed for someone else. There’s a reason for that. It’s an opportunity for growth for all concerned. It’s part of the big mystery. I like to call it the dance of life. A load feels lighter somehow, if you can dance through it. Smart people can rise above the crowd and do what’s right for themselves as well as others.

In the next blog, on Thursday, I’ll share some of the ways I “psyched” myself through my toughest years as a Caregiver. I have even more ideas now and I’ll share those with you, too. Until Thursday, maybe you could start thinking about what you could be doing to see yourself from a different view point. Remember, creativity and love is what makes for a great life. So let’s get creative. You’re already a loving person.


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