While thinking about what would make things different, add a little variety and more depth to the holidays this year, I was thinking that being grateful for things which are not usually given thanks for could put a different light on life around the holidays.  Perhaps open our eyes to gifts we don’t often recognize. 

For one example, as caregivers, we’re used to being on the giving side.  If we’re fortunate enough to care for people who can express thanks, we know we’re appreciated.  Hopefully, you’re one of these and thanks is plentiful for you. Many don’t feel appreciated or respected enough and that causes them to suffer greatly.  Suffering at any intensity is painful.  And that pain overrides the joy in life.  The need for love and being appreciated for who you are and all you do is basic human nature.  But, we don’t all get it from the source we think it should come from, often those we love and take care of or family members.

But, what if we, ourselves, appreciated the challenges we’re handed?  See them as a gift.  That could alleviate the need for recognition from others. Therefore, bring more joy into our lives.  I don’t know for sure what the reason is that life can be so difficult sometimes. During those times I have often asked myself, why?  And why me? And why at this particular time?What I have concluded thus far is that its my own need for personal growth.  It’s my responsibility to grow from my experiences.  The greater the challenge, the greater the lesson and the growth, is what I see in hindsight.  With growth comes wisdom.  It’s a heavy subject, too complicated and intricately enmeshed with emotions and attempted objectivity for a short blog.  But, just to start thinking about our biggest problems or the person/persons in our lives that cause us the most hurt or grief as a gift, could be the beginning of a solution or reconciliation that may never occur if not considered from a different prospective.  It, also, takes the onus off others to provide us with our sense of peace and happiness.  After all, everyone else is trying to manage their own issues and can only see things from their own prospective.  We are all handed our own special Gifts!

This holiday season, may I suggest being Thankful for your biggest challenges?  The small ones will take care of themselves.  When things or a person you love bring heartache, just throw love at it. Try to see it with as much love around the situation as possible and feel love for yourself, too.  Be patient, time and distance work miracles.  That alone brings some relief.  Not total relief, but it’s a start.  Knowing that you’ve given it a good start, things will work out for the best for all.  The feeling of love held around an issue or person can’t help but permeate, harmony will prevail. 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!  I wish you love and joy this holiday season.  You are appreciated by me.


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