Know What to Expect


It’s very helpful if we know what to expect when we’re Caregivers. Most of us take our loved ones to the doctor, go through the routine of checking them in, getting them weighed, taking note of blood pressure and comments by the doctor. We fill prescriptions and follow-up with the recommended care. What’s missing for us, often, is information on what we can expect in the days, weeks and months ahead.

I remember being uncomfortable asking a doctor what I could expect next, so I didn’t. But, I should have. It would have been very helpful if I had known what to expect next from my husband’s congestive heart failure, or my friend Eve’s Alzheimer’s. By the time I got to taking care of my dad, who had Parkinson’s Disease, I knew what to expect. I’d seen so much and felt comfortable asking for what I needed. A doctor, physician’s assistant, or a hospice nurse isn’t going to give you information you haven’t asked for. They have their job to do and don’t know what you don’t know.

By the way, they can’t see into the future. They can only give you guidelines, but that can be a big help. You need information about what stage of a condition your loved one is in so you can be prepared and plan. I had friends who spent a fortune putting in a walk-in shower and an electric chair to go upstairs only to use them for about a month before needing to move the spouse to a bed downstairs in the family room permanently. It’s not just the money, these remodels were very difficult to live with during the process. The frustration takes it’s toll on the whole family.

So don’t be shy, ask questions.

Until soon, I wish you love and peace of mind.

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