Lost in the Minutia


Most of the time, when Caregivers tell me they’re overwhelmed, it’s because they are looking at everything at once. They’re not separating themselves from the big picture and dealing with just one task at a time, mentally. Physically, we can only really do one thing at a time well, but mentally we get all jammed up with thoughts racing through our heads like lightning bolts. It’s the killer stress.

I like to use the expression “Just this” when I’m feeling like “stuff” is piling on. If you talk to yourself, as I do often, you can say something like; “I don’t care about all that other stuff. I’m going to do “just this” right now. Everything else is going to wait. I’ve decided!” Then let go. And put a smile on your face because you’ve just taken command of your life! You’re in control.

I hope you feel really good when you let go. You just decide that you want to focus on one thing at the moment and everything else can wait. It’s funny how it does. And the beautiful thing that happens is that much of that “stuff” disappears on it’s own. Or, it changes and what you thought you needed to do so urgently would have been a waste of time.

What if you decided that “just this” was something you were going to do just for yourself? Like a bubble bath. Or, a jog with a friend. Arrange it. Be creative.

Until soon, I wish you love and creativity!

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