‘If You Are Lucky, You Get Old,’ A Touching Photo Series On Aging And Still Dreaming

Image via Freya Najade
Image via Freya Najade

Huffington Post has recently shared an inspiring series of photographs which I’m gladly sharing with you today. The series, entitled “If You Are Lucky, You Get Old”, features portraits of aging individuals who “have lived to and beyond their 70th birthdays”. With this series, Freya Najade, the photographer, wishes to impart the sentiment that it is “a photographic project to show that inner growth is ever lasting and that humans above seventy continue to love, suffer and dream.” You may view more photos and learn more about the series here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/13/if-you-are-lucky-you-get-old_n_5489252.html

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