Real Peace on A New Spring Morning

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A soft, fresh, cool breeze coming through the open window next to me brushes my face as I begin writing this morning. The sun is up and the cloud cover is perfect for keeping it’s rays subtle. The scene outside is so peaceful and beautiful its making it difficult to focus on my subject. What subject? I haven’t decided yet. The first buds of new green growth are forming on big old oak trees and distracting me. Pink and yellow flowers are blooming on large bushes sporadically placed years ago by some long forgotten someone. Chirping is the only clear sound to be heard as the myriad of wild birds communicate while beginning their morning nesting ritual. The only reminder that a vibrant, hectic, world still exists out there is a low rumble in the distance of cars driving on the road along the river to cross the bridge into town as the workday begins. Only a miracle of Grace could have granted me this perfect day. I treasure this life and want to show gratitude through efforts to help others find this peaceful way of living.

There is no set formula for finding peace, no two people are the same. But the path to peace and contentment is available to all. Many years of living, several years of searching, lots of research and some very rocky roads have shown, in hindsight, results that bring me an understanding of the necessity of life’s struggle and those difficult times. I’m not saying that challenges come to an end. I’m saying that to find peace one must understand that growth comes from struggle and how we handle the next challenge determines how much peace we will live with in the future.

These are only my observations, of course, but I believe my journey is not unique. It is the same as all human beings. Only the setting is different. Getting out of our own way is the start on the road to contentment.

I discovered along the road that I am who I am today, not who I was in my past or even yesterday. Not the person I would describe if telling my life history. I don’t look the same, sound the same or behave in the same way I did as a younger person. Each day I’m a new chunk of wet clay. I have choices in my wet form. I don’t have to dwell on anything that occurred yesterday. I can go about my business today in a fresh, optimistic, way that sees everything around me as raw material, too.

I can be kind, first and foremost. I can break with routine and see adventure in a walk up the street. I can say good morning with a smile to anyone I meet, without considering the response I’ll receive. I can look at my work with fresh eyes, what can I do with this task that will bring something special to the valuable time I will spend with it? I can wait patiently in line till it’s my turn knowing that any frustration my ego could conjure is only going to take away from my feeling of peace and not get me through the line any faster. I can truly enjoy friends and family and not get caught up on our histories or concerns for the future. I can see everyone in their fresh new today images. I can create adventures by deciding to try something new, see who might be waiting to make friends with me in an unexpected place at a serendipitous time. I wonder what doors might open on the chance that I make this choice instead of another. It’s all an adventure.

As a caregiver it’s extremely important to stay present and focus on the task at hand. Give that your loving touch and watch what happens to your mood.

The view from my window with the new growth on the branches of ancient trees, the inevitable nesting of the birds in Spring and the sound of people going about their daily lives is proof that life will go on no matter how we handle our current situation. Can we find beauty in the moment, no matter how difficult the task? This moment will never come again. It’s a gift for the growth of our souls and it’s up to us to see it that way.

I guess I’ve found my topic for this post. I hope you can find peace and contentment in your world today. The beauty of your life is within your reach and waiting to express itself to you. All you have to do is see everything with new eyes each day. Then sit back and watch your world blossom.

With much love, I wish you peace and contentment.


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