Responsibility and Dying


Caregivers are constantly making decisions that effect another persons life; everything from what clothes they should wear, what they should eat, what medicines to give them at what time, when to call doctors and what financial and legal issues need attention, to name a few. They are often dealing with the emotional and mental health of their loved one as well as the physical. In my earliest posts I wrote about “Sundowning,” “Schizophrenia” and other trials by fire that I and many Caregivers march through along with the person for whom we’re caring. Caregivers take on tremendous responsibility including, often, helping a loved one, emotionally, through the process of dying.

If you’re like me, the care of another just fell to you. In my case, three times. Over the years I never really stopped to think about why I was in charge of different people’s lives, I just was. I didn’t think about the huge responsibility either. I imagine most of my readers who are Caregivers don’t stop to think much about their situation, they don’t even have time for that. They just do what needs to be done to the best of their ability on a daily basis. Their hands and minds are busy.

I did discover that there were some very important issues to deal with that I was not clear on in those early days and looking back, today I would do some things quite differently. Those are the things I would like to share with my readers in the days ahead. I want to talk about letting a loved one go when their time is near. About how to deal with the process of dying. There was no one who told me what I needed to know so I could be prepared to do my best for my loved one as well as for myself. The process of dying does not need to be frightening for either party. It can be a beautiful experience if you are prepared.

I’m going to tell stories of my own experiences and growth in hope that you will be more prepared than I when your time comes to deal with death. I wish I could be sitting around a campfire with you and we could share what we have learned. Until then, I’ll pretend that the campfire is glowing as I write and maybe you’ll send me your stories. There’s so much for us to learn from each other. See you online Monday next.

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