Today’s Forecast:


Happy to be alive and well with energy to spare.
Productive at my main interest with a great sense of accomplishment.
A sunny attitude that has an infectious effect on those around me.
Inspiration abounds!

Quiet and low key in the evening hours.
Comfortable and accepting of my time to nurture and grow spiritually.
Uneventful with steady waves of gratitude.

A slow moving positive current flowing through my body, allowing deep breathing and relaxation.

A tendency to remember clearly to walk my walk and talk my talk.

Tomorrow’s Forecast:
High energy in the air for love of life.
Will be aware of the needs of those around me, without losing myself.
Will choose my words wisely and remember that my words create my world.
Will receive what comes my way with grace and without taking anything personally.
Will do the best I can, knowing that tomorrow brings another chance to do it even better.

Long Range Forecast:
Will be loved and cared for in proportion to that given to others.

Until soon, I wish you love and smooth sailing.

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