What is Your Gut Telling You?


The reason we Caregivers need to speak to someone else occasionally about our current situation is because we need another prospective. We need to see through someone else’s eyes or hear someone else’s experience regarding our concerns. The behavior of the person in our charge may be coming from a place that’s more easily understood by someone who understands them better than we do or has experience with a certain, maybe new, behavior.

I’ve found that Caregivers come in all stripes. There is no particular criteria that determines who will be a Caregiver and who won’t. It seems to be more about who’s willing to take on the task or feel they have no choice but to take care of another. That’s why as I focus on a particular Caregiving case I want to hear everything about the people involved and where their difficulty comes in. It’s not predictable, the players don’t follow a pattern.

I want to encourage personal growth for the Caregiver. Your personal reward will be in a job well done. One thing I’ve worked on over the years is developing more of my own right brain, intuitive side. I’ve learned to trust that subtle little idea that pops into my head. Today I often trust it more than what my eyes are seeing. Our instincts can tell us so much more than we are sometimes conditioned to recognize. When you can step back and ask what your gut is telling you, and investigate that a little more, you often find out your instincts were right. How intuitive are you? Do you trust your instincts?

Maybe you’re very intuitive, and tend to take on everyone else’s emotion. I know that can be painful for some, they feel too much. I think we’re looking for balance here. How do you become more objective and step back? These are important issues. A Caregiver needs to know how to be less involved emotionally in this case.

This website is a source of information specifically designed to help Caregivers. It’s loaded with stories about my own and other peoples Caregiving experiences so you have a resource. Because we can all only get better at what we do if we are well informed, I invite you to ask a question, send a message or tell me a story. And, please, keep reading and growing.

I wish you love and balance.

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