Yes! Wonderful, Hollywood brings a message to the public spectacularly, again!! That was my reaction to what I took away from the movie Wonder Woman, until I read what the “critics” had to say. The top five reviews online didn’t even discuss what I saw as the point of the whole movie.

Here’s the disappointment: The movie depicted human suffering that was shown in many subtle and some not so subtle ways. There was blatant brutal killing of innocent human beings by other human beings. Some others were poor and starving slowly, forgotten by the rich, powerful and greedy. Many had scars, visible and invisible. The invisible being every bit as difficult to live with as the visible, and both requiring a loving eye to even notice. Subtle, too, was the reminder that history continues to repeat itself only with bigger and more destructive weapons and our real world is more dangerous now than ever. So clear, though, was the terrible personal pain suffered by people who look different than the majority and are treated often as less than human, hence, sometimes behave in inhuman horrific ways. None of the obvious message was mentioned by the critics. They critiqued the directing, the colors chosen and the actors delivery. They continue to discuss the success of a Comic Book series. That’s great, but nothing about the Value of the writers work.

Wonder Woman, at the end of the movie, is sure that love will heal the world; our real world. The message is simple, we need to feel and show love toward ALL others. She’s right that love will do it, but is awareness and comprehension occurring fast enough to overtake possible destruction before it’s too late? The writer and director have presented us, in an entertaining way, with the responsibility of our age. If most critics didn’t even get the message, I pray the huge viewing audience did. Will we, the people, reach the tipping point with awareness that will save humanity from itself? Will we take it upon ourselves to start seeing with more understanding and loving eyes?

What has this got to do with CAREGIVING? Everything! Another place where we need more love! We don’t take good enough care of our people. We can’t even get a decent healthcare system in this country to take care of the ever increasing number of Seniors, Veterans and the Underserved, let alone everyone else. That’s bigotry and neglect. Those making the decisions have their hands tied, even when they mean well, because voters threaten to kick them out of office if their special interest is threatened. That’s greed. Fifty million special interests. Impossible!

What about human interest- Caring, Compassion, Love, if it’s not too corny? What about responsibility? Do you know what happens to beautiful human hearts when they’re neglected or shunned or allowed to go hungry? Sometimes they grow to be your enemy and their hatred is powerful in numbers.

Maybe critics are just supposed to critique movie making and leave the values to be judged by the individual viewer. If that’s the case, they’ve done their job and, hopefully, more people will see the movie because of the critics opinions about Diana’s great costumes and Steve’s arresting blue eyes. In addition to the important message, the movie is uplifting, inspiring and a love story, too. I thoroughly enjoyed it, I hope you do, too.


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