Who Are you?


Without going deeply into this age old question which can bring about life changing spiritual experiences, Who are you? Today, off the top of your head, do you have your own identity? It’s not an easy question. Are you a Caregiver, a mother/father, a husband/wife, a teacher, a salesperson, an employee or an entrepreneur? Maybe you think of yourself in terms of two or three titles. Do you define who you are by what you do with most of your time?

Many people define who they are by how they think other people see them. And so, they are that. Are you happy being that? If so, great. I hope you love what you do. Maybe you have a completely different side to you than what other people see. Is your vision of yourself what drives you to keep loving life? What are your interests? What inspires you? I hope you have a vision.

I really love writing and helping Caregivers get through one of the toughest jobs of their lives. But, it’s not who I am. I’m a storehouse of energy that enjoys a variety of life experiences, some great fun and others just more necessary. Necessary should not preclude the fun or inspirational. We all need to be reminded that life is wonderful if we allow it to be.

One of the ways I kept myself balanced and out of depression while I was a full-time Caregiver was to have ideas in mind of things that made me happy. Things that were mine alone to be interested in or experience. This is a way of remembering who you are. Of not losing yourself in your circumstances.

Besides reading, which is high on my list, I knew that I needed to get out and away, at least in small doses. For nearly four years I had arranged for two mornings a week, for three hours, and Sundays from noon to five to be away from my home and in a non-caregiving environment. Much of that time was spent grocery shopping, going to my own doctor/dentist appointments, etc., but I was able to fit in coffee with a friend or a meal out where someone was waiting on me. During this time away I would recharge. I would go to beautiful places because they made me feel good, like to a beach cafe for coffee so I could see the ocean, or lovely gardens that were designed to attract customers in a nursery, or a museum where I could walk among great paintings by famous artists. This would allow my energy, my light, to keep shining through to the surface. It was enough for me to keep perspective on my circumstances. It opened space for me to remember that what I was doing at home, for my husband, was the most important thing I could be doing right then, for us. My other experiences needed to be more mental right then, more visionary and dreamlike. Everything in good time.

Our circumstances are on the move even when it seems they’re standing still. Things are different this year than they were last, just think back. If you can think of yourself as separate from what you do, appreciate what you’re doing now and make time to recharge in your own special way, your energy and light will keep the fire glowing until the time is right for big change. You’ll be prepared and ready to move forward at all times. You’ll never have to say, “What do I do with myself now?”

Until soon, I wish you love and lots of energy!

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